About Me

I’m a southern poet, aware of my home’s faults but proud of its warmth and resilience. I was born in northwest Alabama and chose to remain here, though it’s not the sort of place that competes to stay up with the times. The small town life affords my dogs the freedom to run loose and remain untamed. I’m trying to live like them, I suppose.

In terms of writing, I’ve been scribbling poems for as long as I can remember but entered the publishing world back in 2012 and have been hounding editors since to take my work. My poetry has no set theme, but more broadly entails my upbringing in the South and where it all leads. I’m also working on my first collection, which is a slow go, but exciting nonetheless.


I’m the Poetry Editor at cahoodaloodaling, a collaborative publication.

As a former Associate Editor at Pankhearst, an independent writers collective, I edited the stunning anthology: America Is Not the World.

Along with several editors, I’ve recently joined the staff of The Screen Door Review, a literary journal giving a platform for queer southern voices.

I’m also the Associate Editor at Hobo Camp Review, a gathering place for the road-weary traveler.


Outside of writing and editing, I’m a firm believer in travel. Abandoning one’s safety zone is the best way to rid ourselves of the ignorance our homes tempt us with. It is through getting lost and wandering the backroads of my country that I’ve developed an even stronger appreciation of my distant neighbors.


Above all, I’m an aunt to the most wonderful little boy and I’ve never taken any role more seriously in my life.


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