Book Reviews / Endorsements

Kate Garrett: Minor Things
 Published at Up the Staircase Quarterly:



Justin Karcher: TAILGATING AT THE GATES OF HELL and other poems
Published at Melancholy Hyperbole:



Kate Garrett: Deadly, Delicate
Published at Hobo Camp Review



Reviews from my stint at The Perusalist Society may be found here:



Kristina Haynes – Chloe
Published by Words Dance:

“Chloe embodies all of us in our rawest form: misguided and terribly human. She is someone whom we all want to know or forget, but cannot. You’ll fall for her flaws and regret your likeness to her, but she’ll force you to examine yourself. Whether you’re young and trying to find your way or someone who is struggling to make sense of what you’ve found, Kristina Haynes’ Chloe is an important read.”



Kate Garrett – The Density of Salt
Published by Indigo Dreams:

“In The Density of Salt, Kate Garrett offers a vicious and unforgiving imagination; she also reveals her pride, regret, and curiosity – all important aspects of this collection. With attention to intimacy, honesty, and disappointment, these poems aren’t easy to remove yourself from.”



Trista Mateer and Ashe Vernon – Before the First Kiss
Published by Words Dance:

“This collection is intimacy: stripped down and insecure; swollen with urgency. A relationship is dissected in front of us – built up and busted down without a lick of grace, but stunning in words. Vernon and Mateer break more hearts than their own with these poems.”