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Shut the Front Door! — Shanti Weiland

Hey, y’all. Shanti Weiland, one of my absolute favorite writers, featured me as a guest blogger on her site last week. Check it out, eh?

This week, we hear from guest-blogger, Rachel Nix, who discusses her haunting poem, “This House”! Enjoy… Shanti and I met last November when I nudged her to go with me to see Andrea Gibson perform in Birmingham. Well, that’s when we met in the normal sense. I poem-stalked her much earlier after we were published […]

via Shut the Front Door! — Shanti Weiland

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It was only four years ago today, I spent
my birthday eating cold tacos by candlelight
with those I loved most, thankful we’d lost
nothing but electricity, while others grieved
the 253 taken. Tonight, there are no storms;
instead: warm tacos, talk of the baby boy
in my sister’s belly, and tradition carried on.

NaPoWriMo 2015
Poem-A-Day Challenge, 27/30
Prompt: Looking back