Dear Parents:

Strike the soft skin of your children; leave marks.
   Go on: show them how hard they must become
      to be like you.

Mold them to be mindless: coach them to react
   with fists; make them believe that words have
      little worth.

Shape them into an almighty monster: modern man.

Destroy their purity and imagination by damning them
   with absurd words of a god who previous men

Teach children to follow a leader, and to not ever
   break the circle they belong to, so society never
      moves forward.

Above all: train them to question love, even your own.

 Originally published by Melancholy Hyperbole; found here.

Please be aware of your influence on children. This poem was written in response to ignorant and obnoxious remarks made by people whose children are lacking in the respect they deserve. Young minds grasp at everything and remember what they witness; it is our responsibility, as adults, to give them the freedom to not only become, but to stay, individuals. Do not strip them of their worth or of their natural wonder.

Do not force your beliefs on them. Believe whatever you like, but a child’s mind is not yours to demean. Allow children to think and find their own answers; it’s imperative that they’re taught HOW to think, and not WHAT to think.

Also, if you’re someone who spanks your child or defends that sort of needless violence, educate yourself on the detrimental effects it has on a child. 



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