Olene’s Elegy


Oh January, you cannot bury
the beauty of the worth born
into your care, more than many
years ago. End all you like, but
your last day will be celebrated
evermore and everafter the end
of September attempts to steal
your glory. You see, hearts know
nothing of calendars or finality.
February will follow you with love.

Rachel Olene Woodard
[1/31/1941 – 9/28/2011]



    1. Thank you, Liz. It’s not a new one, but I felt the need to put something up today. It would’ve been her 73rd birthday. She deserves to be celebrated, still. ❤

  1. First time commenter, long time follower 🙂 as in 29 years. I love the way you’re able to capture today with words. She would be so proud of your talent! I love you my dear.

    Happy birthday my dear grandmother.

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