Interview with Rachel Nix, Issue 6’s Poetry Contest Winner

I’m so stoked to have won the contest for Issue 6 at Bop Dead City! Also, it was such an honor to have Kevin Rodriguez interview me for the site. Please head on over there and show them some love. Or even better, buy a few issues here!

Bop Dead City

Our first interview for this go-around is with Rachel Nix, who was so kind as to give us two poems: “Kathryn,” which won the contest, and “Acreage.” It’s always nice to get submissions from fellow Southerners (even though I’m really just a carpetbagger), especially gracious Alabamians like Rachel.
Rachel Nix
Describe your work in 25 words or less.
I aim to convey the human condition; be it through my own stories or opinions of other things, and hopefully with a little Southern flavor.
Congratulations on winning such a prestigious contest! Is this your first time? How’s it feel?
Thank you! It is my first time and it shocked me, to be honest. It really gave me the nod of approval in wondering if my narrative approach was getting me anywhere. And to win with “Kathryn” is the best part of it all, as that poem is so personal and nostalgic for…

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  1. Great interview and congratulations. We are publishing “Butter Pecan” and “Drought” in the Spring issue to be out in April.

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