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This House

The screen door
swings open.

She jumps–
off her guard;

on edge
all evening.

This house
has no ghosts.

Husband’s home.
She eyes him


how much
he’ll haunt her.

Originally published at Rust + Moth – Spring 2016

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With your lips

against the flank

of my hip,

I find God

and beg for more.


My prayers grow louder—

then let loose to quiet praise

as your spirit

leaves my body.

Previously published in Pankhearst’s Slim Volume #3: This Body I Live In – November 2015. Available for purchase here.

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Would it be worthwhile to
hinge on the words of
a man who waits not on
my replies, but merely for
a break in my syllables, to
break me with his stare and
turn my thoughts into
something of a simple stutter?

I think not, but he is most
recusant in allowing me the
benediction of where my
lips take the proceedings of
this hushed moment.
I have been quieted, but
stillness has yet to
find his hands.

Originally published at Snapping Twig – August 2015